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Ok, our daughter gave us a new set of Fabarware stainless steele pans for Christmas & boy did we like them over the cheaper telflon pans we used because of kids ruining them. We could cook anything in them & wouldn't stick & used less oil. So one nite I use one to heat corn tortias with veg. well the oil burned in the pan & I was in trouble with my wife, so I boilded out the pan with vinagar, & scrubed it with a plastic scouring pad clean & now eveything wants to stick to it no matter how much oil or butter is used. Well my wife was mad at me for ruining the pan so next time we had tacos she heated the tortias in a different pan & guess what.. the samething happened to her. Now everthing cooked in that pan sticks. Before I could cook a egg with little butter & the egg would slide, now it sticks, Is there a sealant or something we could/should do? We never had stainless before & not sure how to treat it. I call the campany custumer service & they were about as much help as asking the pans. Anyone have any suggestions?

I forgot to add that the pan only sticks in a sertin large spot on the bottom, not the whole pan, & I do watch the heat before I cook anything in it
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I have Fabarware stainless steel pans also, and I love them.
I know what you mean about the black stains. I have found that they are easier to clean if you let them soak for a long time, days really. Its not a miracle cure, there is still scubbing to be done, but it works.
Make a paste of baking soda with a little water. It will remove the black marks and polish the surface again. After that the pan shouldn't stick.
I have removed all the black marks & light stains, it looks like new but there is spot about 3 sq. in. that the food still sticks to but not the rest of the pans
Have you tried using a plain old SOS pad? I've had pretty good luck with them.

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