FS BLRW eggs in MI


Super Chick
11 Years
Feb 9, 2008
Central Michigan
Beautiful healthy birds, not hatchery birds, all breeder stock. Black laced rooster over mostly splash hens, producing about 75% blue, excellent fertility. My broody just hatched 8 out of 8 eggs!!

6+ are $20 this includes shipping and 12+ are $35, this also includes shipping. I can take paypal, must be verified, non credit or debit cards please, or will consider timely money orders. Thanks!




Thosse girls are beautiful!1 So the male with those girls will produce the blue laced is that how it works?And what are those girls called red laced?I just love those hens.I got to have some of them.
The top picture is my splash hens, the rooster is black laced and the bottom two are blue laced red pullets that they produced. They can produce all 3 colors, just like any blue breed, you get blue, black and splash. I like to keep a dark rooster with splash hens so the color doesn't get too washed out and it has produced some beautiful blues!
my bbator should be empty in 2.2 wks.do you think we could work something out then as far as meeting in lansing?I would like about 12 or so.Thanks Kellie from st.john's
Sure Kellie, I am in Lansing every Friday from 9-11 for my daughter's therapy, and go there quite often for other things too, so that is not a problem. I do have a dozen that is supposed to ship on the 29th, but other than that, I am open.
Hey Vicki, will you have enough to ship a doz. to Indiana in 2 or 3 wks after everybody gets theirs? Spent so much lately I need to let poultry fund recoupe. MIKE

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