FS: Buttons and Coturnix eggs, shipped from PA


14 Years
Jan 7, 2009
Central Pennsyltucky
I have 37 button eggs and 27 coturnix eggs available. Would like to get them out tomorrow.

Buttons are from a white roo over an ivory RB hen, a community with cinnamon, slate, pearled silver and double factor blueface.

Coturnix are from my jumbo brown hens covered by an A&M roo. Hatched out rosetta and two mismarked tuxes.
Oops, sorry. I could probably do them for $12, plus $7 shipping to you.
Others I would need a zip for shipping.

Button eggs I can sell for $15, plus shipping (based on zip).
I need button eggs really badly! I am 11787 and can PayPal you as soon as I see your email. Actually, if you respond to my e-mail address, I might see the message faster and can get the money out to you. I hope they are still available!

If you have any adults you'd be willing to ship, I'd take them too, but it looks like you might already have those covered and you said you didn't want to ship.


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