FS: COCHINS - 27 Hens, 2 Roosters - Marion, Illinois

Illinois_ Kelly

12 Years
Sep 13, 2007
Marion, Illinois
FOR SALE: Standard Size Chickens

They just turned a year old and are laying well. Some have begun to act broody. We just thinned down our roosters because they were riding the feathers off of the hens, so some are missing their rear feathers. I have some pictures of how they looked before their feathers began missing but I'm not sure how to post it. I can e-mail them though if you're interested.

- 10 Partridge Cochin Hens
- 1 Patridge Cochin Rooster

-12 Blue Cochin Hens
-1 Blue Cochin Rooster

- 3 Black Cochin Hens

- 2 White Cochin Hens

I would love to see one person take them all, because they've been raised together, but I also realize that may not be feasible for many reasons. I want $15/each or will accept $325.00 for all. If you can't take them all, find a friend to go in on them with you to get the better price! I may be willing to trade out some of the cost for other young brown egg layers or some ducklings.

Thank you!
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