FS- Lemon Blue Cochin Roo - Sweet-Tame & great BREEDER -SOLD to MAINE!


Fluffy Butt Farmer
11 Years
Sep 12, 2008
N. Central Florida-near Ocala
This boy is the biggest ham on the farm! He & his girlfriend Cher (rip) were Fluffy Butt's Farm's mascots. He has been alone since his girlfriend died over a month ago. I really want to find him a home that will breed him, because he LIVES for the female variety! I could drop a piece of hay in his cage and he will cluck for 20 mins TRYING to get the marans hens on the other side of the pens, to come over and see what he scored! So cute, very tame, and again, sweet as can be. Oh, and he makes the cutest and sweetest babies, as well. Lots of lil' blue buggers! AAAAND- he is a true alpha male. He rules the roost. When I first brought my big Black Copper Marans Alpha Male rooster onto the farm, Sonny chased him around the property to let him know who was boss. He's such a character.

I have always bred for disposition (sweet personality) as well as the best of the best standards...and this is what I hope to find in all my birds' new homes. I only hope there is someone out there.

No good offer will be refused. So, please don't hestitate to make me an offer. Ask anyone on here that has dealt w/ me in the past, I am easy going, and only want the best for my chickens.

Please check out my other posts of birds for sale.

Some pics of this fluffy butt - his name is Sonny Bono (Sonny & Cher...get it? I know I'm weird):





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