FS- Pet Quail project- Covey of 4-6 depending on what you want-

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    I have been working on a pet quail project but am so focused on the silkies that I really don't have the time. I will take some updated pics in a few but here are some when they were younger.

    There is a red colored one (female and the friendliest)
    a mixed colored one (roo and very sweet well)
    and an A&M (female) the A&M has a big brown spot something Monarc said to look for in choosing a mate so there would be more red colored offspring.
    I also have a few pharaoh females in with them

    From what Monarc told me the red may be sex linked and when breed with the other funny colored one should produce red female chicks and multicolored males. I have yet to test this theory.

    I call them my pet quail since they are easily held and actually like to be pet. They are not as flighty as all of my others and I think if handled a lot they will breed more friendly calm chicks and can be used to make pet quail.

    If you like I can send 5-6 quail I will include the pharaohs and a golden female as well so you will have one of every color should make very interesting colored babies [​IMG]

    here's a pic that has the red female, multi colored male and a few A&M the other roo was nasty and was culled as well as one of the A&M's you see in that pic


    here they are as juveniles



    Shipping price includes box and express shipping. Pick up is welcomed.
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