FS Speckled Sussex LrgFwl 20wk PU La Crosse WI area 2-3 pullets

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10 Years
Jun 17, 2009
West Central WI
$7 for pullets

These Speckeld Sussex are from Cackle Hatchery. That flock is thouroughly tested and our birds have not shown any sign of disease, but our flock is too small and new to have a testing program.

They are Large/Standard fowl, not bantams.

They are 20 weeks old, raised in a pasture situation, non-medicated but not organic feeds. They are reasonably friendly (underfoot while working in the pen) but not hand-fed or anything. I think there would be no problem taming them down farther.

I am not an exhibitor in major shows, so I do not know how close to APA standard they are, I suspect they are typical hatchery quality (lay well, show poorly). We think they are still very pretty and have great personalities. Pictures will be sent if you PM me.

These pullets are just starting to lay, tiny med brown pullet eggs at this point.

We'd love to keep them all, but have more pullets than we need. I'd love to get these working girls a new home with more space for the winter.

We are 20 minutes North of La Crosse WI. Pick-up or meet in the area, we will not ship.
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