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  1. My BlackCopper Maran, Angelique who is not quite a year old has been laying quite well throughout the winter. I had a heat lamp set on a timer so between that and regular daylight hours, the girls were receiving a good 13 hours of light. Angleique was laying about 4-5 eggs per week for several months. About a week ago, none of my five outdoor hens had been laying much at all and I'm wondering if it is because I cleaned and re-bedded the nest boxes, opened a bag of feed by the usual brand I buy but this time there is a lot of green pea in the mix which I didn't see in the last several bags...or am I feeding too much...they have a free feed canister set up in the coop which never runs out. Six hens go through a 50 lb. bag of this organic feed per month. Angleique's crop is really full like as if she is carrying a large beer belly. It does not feel densly compacted or like there is a hard mass inside. I thought of turning her upside-down to see if it might dislodge something....Any help would be much appreciated. or could her vent need looking in to...?

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