Full crop, she looks miserable, should I cull her?

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6 Years
Sep 13, 2013

I am new to BYC. I've read lots, but there is so much to go through that I thought I might try my question directly.

History in a nutshell: Speckled sussex hen 4 months in early August. While bathing her and her flock-mates for the fair I noticed her spitting up. Didn't think much of it. She vetted in at the fair and got a blue ribbon all the while over-eating and spitting up food. The response I got from most people I asked was that we probably handled her right after she ate so I continued to ignore it. By the end of the fair I showed her to another person who took the time to handle her and was told I should cull her. She was thin and probably had sour crop.

Took her home and watched her. Her crop became increasingly larger. Took her to the vet to the tune of $200. Most people thought I was crazy. She gave me antibiotics and an oil to move things along. Vet also cleared crop out and didn't think it was sour. We brought her in 5 times a day for meds and we very gently massaged crop. It did seem to go down some, but I was also limiting her food. In the long run not much changed. I added organic apple cider vinegar to water in case she needed good bacteria.

Currently she is about 5 1/2 months. After putting her in flock on her own again, I have noticed she has an enormous crop. She attacks food when I feed them. It is like she is starved. She is very social. Could fly onto my shoulder when I entered yard up to a week ago. Seems to have energy but crop gets larger all the time. It drags on the ground when she pecks. She makes a squeaking sound now and looks so uncomfortable. I am at a loss. She is my nicest hen but I do not want what she has to spread(the entire flock is very nice), nor do I want her to live uncomfortably. I plan to kennel her as a last resort and keep her in the garage. But that isn't much of a life and doesn't fix her problem.

Do I do another round of antibiotics?
Do I ask the vet to treat her for sour crop?
Do I hold food back til it works through her system?
Add more probiotics? And how much is too much?
Do I cull her?

I have no problem helping my husband put cornish in the freezer. They are meat birds with no personality. But I hate to put this one down. I will if it is the right thing to do though.
Hi there!

Two things stuck out to me,
1. You say she's eating a lot and not putting on weight - Have you wormed them recently?
2. You said her crop drags on the floor when she pecks - Do you think she has pendulous crop?
Had a quick glance over this and it seems pretty informative on crop issues, see if you think any of these sound like your girl

The fluid that comes up with sour crop usually stinks so I think you would know if it was sour crop, and also I've found when my girls have had crop issues in the past they don't usually have a big appetite.

Is she pooping okay? Is the food still going through? Are her poops loose?

Good luck, I hope your girl feels better soon :)
Thank you for the reply.

I looked up the site and it was helpful. I had no idea chickens could be wormed. Now I have started to research how to do that. I guess the DE sounds like a good idea. If anyone has any other ideas for worming, please do tell.

If that doesn't help, I may look into the pendulous crop and pull her food for a day. Maybe water only with probiotics would help too.

(I thought people who loved chickens as pets were crazy. But I am one of them now.)

Thanks again.
I would definitely worm if you think that might be the cause - I use Flubenvet but I'm not sure where it is available.

Good luck, hope you get it sorted :) x

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