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    Can I give full strength corid by syringe to a 14 week old chicken that has coccidiosis? She isn't drinking
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    I would give a drop or 2. Then I would put the mixed solution in a small cup or container, and dip her beak into the water several times an hour. She make drink it on her own if you bring the cup up to her. If she won't drink at all, I would give another drop or 2, but she needs fluids too.
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    If she's an average size egg laying breed like a Rhode Island Re, she should weight about 1000 grams and at that weight would get 0.2ml. If you're convinced that you should not dilute it, then draw up 0.2ml Corid and 0.8ml water and give it that way.

    If she doesn't start drinking on her own I suggest you learn to tube feed her.

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