Full sun vs. partial sun?

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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
Hello all.. trying to get some info from ya'll here before I make a final placement on my chicken coop. There are two parts of my yard that would be desirable to house chickens, one is up against the house, but it tends to get partial sun, and in the winter, little sun at best. The other option is away from the house, in full sun. I realize if the coop is in full sun, I would need to provide shade options for the chickens, but just kinda throwing the question out there....how much sunshine should my coop be getting?

A lot would depend on your climate. For example, I live where summer days are triple digits for most of July and August every year, with temps getting up to 115. I would never put my coop in full sun in such a climate if I had another option. On the other hand, if I lived somewhere where its 70 year round, full sun wouldn't be so bad.
How hot are your summers? How cold are your winters?

My gut feeling would be to use the sunny location but to add some kind of trellis arrangement on part of the south side that could be covered with rapidly-growing, annual vines while you grew a permanent shade tree.

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