Fun things for chooks to do?!!?!?!?

Chickenman MAN

Oct 25, 2020
United Kingdom South Devon
HELLO! I have four ex-bats. They have a coop, an overturned large water container, shelter for food and water, a perch (which they haven't touched) and logs up to a garden chair which I know they've been on. What else can I do to spice up the run. (plus random logs and leafy branches)
A couple stacked egg cartons with mealworms between the layers will keep them busy for a long time, waiting for the worms to crawl out enough to get snatched.
Leafy branches, a pile of hay or leaves (mine will play in a pile of hay for forever), cabbage or lettuce tied up on a string for them to peck at, a new structure for them to climb up on or go under/through, etc. Moving things around will also pique interest among them. Although, it seems like what you have is an excellent set up for them!

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