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Oct 18, 2012
Melbourne Florida
Hey all,

I wanted to ask if anyone has ever purchased hens from this farm - its a small farm here in my area and they have chicks fairly regularly - but I just wanted to get some reports on their critters if anyone has any.

Here is a link to their website.

So far, I don't yet have a coop set up, so we're waiting until we have that set up before we get our girls - however we know that we will have to keep chicks in the house for a few weeks and are fine with that.

This farm has two of the breeds I'm interested in Barred Rock, Productions - and they don't have the Rhode Island Reds available now, but that might just be a timing thing - not sure if they keep RIRs or not.
Hello, I was just wondering if you ended up purchasing your chicks from the "Funky Chicken Farm"? My family lives in Palm Bay and we have been contemplating getting some chicks from this establishment. Suggestions would be great.
The Funky Chicken Farm is definitely funky. Their farm appears to suffer from lack of maintenance, adequate care and shelter for the animals and the hens in the battery cages at the egg farms probably are treated better. I would not recommend purchasing anything from this farm. I purchased my first set of chicks during chick days at Tractor Supply in Melbourne on 192. They are sex-linked chicks so they grew up to be hens and produce an egg a day and are friendly. Healthy chicks are critical to your success as a backyard hen keeper.
Its been three years, but we are finally ready to seriously work on getting chickens and I have decided to get our chicks from C&J Feed store in Melbourne. I have heard from others now, as well as you all online, that the Funky Chicken Farm is indeed, funky.
Hi, just wanted to say that we got our chicks from The Funky Chicken Farm and there were no problems whatsoever, they were healthy. :) Its been about 2.5 yrs now of chickening and unfortunately we've lost some hens to predators. The constant battle to keep squirrels from eating the chickens' food is also getting to be too much. We only have 2 hens left, Franny (RIR) and Janie (EE), both are laying, Franny about 1 a day and Janie about 1 every other day. Am wondering if anyone would be interested in them, they would be free to a good home. I also have a coop I'd be willing to part with.
We purchased 4 (5 to 6 week old) chicks from the Funky Chicken Farm all were doing quite well and around 4 months two started losing weight their symptoms appeared parasitic and they died. One was Black Sex Link and the other Silver laced Wyondotte. The other two are fine and fabulous. Another Black Sex Link and a Buff Orpington. Sooo I can say if it was the farm or Nature.

We would like to get more ( 2 or 3) and would like to know a place closer to home in South Miami. Anyone know who sells chicks, brown layers, would like them at least 5 or six weeks old.

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We went to this "farm" with the hopes of getting a healthy hen for one of our birds. But we walked out with a rooster that was living with 2 other roosters his size(Brahma size boys). The owner Andrew informed us that we just saved him from a SOUP POT because he had too many birds. When we got him home and into our quarantine coop we noticed that he was malnourished covered in Mites and other parasites and turned out the poor guy had fowl pox and he freaked out when his feet touched the ground as they have the chickens in what im guessing is 3x3 cages off the ground. Now its awhile later he is our BIGGEST yard bird (because he is not the breed we were told he was) he is healthy has 2 girls he adores and is a big baby. The owners more than likely do not put any part of the money they make back into simple biosecurity measures that can be harmful to our flocks .
We also did not have a good experience with the Funky Chicken Farm in Melbourne. Bought 4 hens and two died of some type of parasite with in a few months. Of the two we have one laid for 3 weeks and then had a prolapse and hasn't laid since but we love her just the same. The other survivor is a sweet heart and a reliable layer. However, being our first experience it was sad. When we wanted to expand our flock of ladies we found another breeder in Miramar Fl.,( Found him on Craigs List) the physical conditions/hygiene of his farm and overall cleanliness of the coops was amazing. They were separated by age and the feed they used was high quality, big difference.

Would not recommend the Funky Chicken Farm
Jodi in Miami

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