funky eggshell color(ing)


9 Years
Jan 28, 2010
Central Maine
I have a hen, maybe a couple others, that are laying a light brown to beige shell color with what looks like white(ish) scales/pigments.

I can get a pic in a bit, if needed. The funky colored egg seems ok on the inside.

Any help or info is appreciated in advance.

Sounds like your hens are just laying eggs.

As long as your have the right amount of calcium and a proper diet then you should be fine.

Odd coloring isn't as concerning as soft shells.
By white pigments, do you mean just the color or is the texture off too? I ask because the other day our EE who lays a minty green egg laid one that felt sandpapery and was pure white. It looked like it had been dusted in flour! Nothing came off on our fingers though. Yesterday she didn't lay an egg. Just wondering, like you, what's up - the inside was fine.
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