Funnest bugs to find outside and dig up for chickens


6 Years
Feb 4, 2013
Chickens love eartworms that i feed them and they love the weeds afetr pulling them outta the ground with the roots and soil connected. I enjoy free ranging them the hour before it gets dark because they eat grass and then they finally roost around 6 to 7 p.m. Any ideas of bugs they enjoy under ground. I know they Like bird seeds, and corn as treats..
We have those yellow flies bad here right now. Was out there this evening trying to build the chicks a feeder out of a vinyl gutter and the things were trying to bite me. The yellow flies that is...anyway I killed one and then hubby is helping me hold the ends on the gutter so I could drill a hole to bolt each end on so they couldn't get knocked off. Then here comes another of those darn flies trying to bite me again. We wound up killing at least 6 I know. I was piling them in a pile to take to the chicks and they loved the things! They would snatch it out of my fingers as soon as I would reach in the container and hand it out. Then one of them decides the heck with this and starts trying to get the last one out of the container. lol Needless to say after that, every time I put my hand out they came a running!

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