Funny Coturnix Eggs -UPDATE, the jokes on me


8 Years
May 30, 2011
Been busy working outside today. Collected eggs this morning when I "did chores". Came home for lunch, & found these. They looked like marbles in the pen. I know the birds have been under a little stress, as I sold 10 Tibetans & 10 10 day olds this weekend, so I split them out to give more room. Never seen this before though.

This is what I've been getting.


Ok, I come home & my wife has boiled some of my "good eggs" & is standing at the sink peeling them. I say "hey, I have to show you what i got from my quail", so I run downstairs & carefully bring them up to show her - being ever so gentle with them. She takes one from me & washes it under the running water & plops it in her mouth. I gross out & she starts laughing, saying "peppermint".

I literally laughed so hard, my eyes started watering.
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Taste em to see if they taste like the rock candies lol. They are cool, I would definitely blow them out and keep them, then again im an egg hoarder lol

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