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Dec 17, 2016
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My Coop
Hello everyone,

I hope all the Backyard Chicken's people are doing well! :frow

And this is my first post since the new Backyard Chicken's website changed, so if I did something wrong; please let me know! (Hopefully I do right though!) :fl

I decided to make a thread about Faverolle's. My 3 Faverolle's are REALLY funny birds, I figure "Maybe other Faverolle keepers have Faverolle's that act like mine!" lol, so I'll write a question and you answer. Some questions are just for fun but others I want to REALLY know! ;)

So have fun!

-The Angry Hen

P.S You can post questions too! A fun/learning thread for all of us!


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Hello everyone,

My first Funny Faverolles question is going to be...

How many people have to put up those bucket with the nipples on them?

I am in the process of it, I have them but I want to put them up!

The Faverolles beards get all dry and look painful.
I wish I knew how to help them!

-The Angry Hen
That poor thing!

I want to get a rooster for that flock,
a small enough rooster so it won't hurt a Faverolle hen.
But big enough my Cochins will be fertile!

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