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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FunnyBunnies12, Oct 17, 2010.

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    Well since some of you have wondered what my set up is like for caging my ducks and any ideas how I could possibly set them up for winter if I allowed momma to hatch her own eggs to protect the babies and momma and dad from the harsh winter enviroment, it would be welcomed. I would have to put a divider up before the babies came so the drake could still see her and keep that bond with her and get use to the babies until it was safe for him to be with them all. I do plan on keeping my 2 that I incubated and hatched in the house until spring. But here is the set up. I will have to get some kind of woodchips or something down on the ground. When my husband comes home for R&R we do plan on moving the tramp further back so they'll be on a grassy area again, but that will go quick and with winter and snow melting, muddy! So what could you all suggest to lay on the ground if anything other then grass and what is already there that mother nature provided.

    Duck Caging.....

    Momma on her eggs.....

    And here she is as a baby....
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    That last photo of the mama on her eggs is funny. I bet the air was blue with what she was shouting to you

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