Fuzzy bottoms are here!! Fuzzy bottoms are here!!


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Jan 25, 2007
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Ok... welll... they are at the post office being held and I'm trying to convince my little brother to go pick them up NOW!


If I could fly home now I would have so gotten them already!!! Darn exams!!!

I'll get to see them tonight!!!!

I hope they are all alive in that box. I heard at least two cheeping in the background.

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Yay!! Congrats!!! What are you studying? (sorry I'm new, probably been said before). I plan to start my teaching degree within the next year. Good luck on your exams, too!!!
So far I've gotten my little brother out of bed with about 10 phone calls! He is getting up!! Must tell him to go to car and drive now!!!

I'm studying for an exam in drug delivery and transport. (bioengineering)

They are here!!!

I will have to do a head count when I get home.
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I don't think the day can get any longer!!! Coming down with some bug, 20 minutes left to study before heading to a final, then have to sit and wait till my dad gets off work to pick me up before I even get to lay my eyes on the real fluffy bums!!!

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