FYI to those with a still air incubator


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Knoxville, TN
I rigged a fan in my still air LG the other night. I had the incubator set up and to temp before I turned the fan on. Guess what the temp on after the fan was on??? 93.5!!! So that shows that the very bottom of the inbubator was at 90* or below and the top was at 100*.

If you can, put a fan in your still air. It is SUPER easy (trust me, if I can do it, anyone can). You will get a much more even temp and therefore a better hatch rate.

I made my own using a small computer cooling fan I purchased on Ebay for $4.99 including shipping, an old 12v power adapter, and some small bolts, spacers, and nuts.

My LG has been running at 100 degrees and 43% +/- for 24 hours.
I put a fan in my HB during incubation I run the fan when in lock down I unplug the turner and the fan no proof it just seems like I do not have as many shrink wrapped
I'm not saying it won't work - I had a good hatch out of shipped eggs last year in my still air. I just couldn't believe the temp difference and wanted to share.
Thanks for telling us. I have a still air and put it away when I received a little Brinsea Eco 20. But I am going to get the LG out and use them both. Does anyone have a picture of their LG with a fan they put in themselves? Please.
I put a fan in my 1602n and didn't like the way it performed; it went from slow, 1 degree cycles to rapid [ 1 minute], 3.5 degree cycles at the middle of the egg level.. It was giving me great hatches as a still air, so I switched it back without trying to hatch with the fan conversion. I figured why fix what ain't broke?
I use an Acurite, indoor/outdoor, digital thermometer with the probe lowered through one of the plugged vents to the middle of the egg level; and I hatch in egg cartons which pretty much keep the eggs at the same level as in the auto turner.

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