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  1. lynnc1120

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    I am new to raising chickens and noticed tonight as my 3 15 week old girls sat on my lap that my barred rock was making a gagging motion every so often. She wasn't making any noise as she did this, but seems a bit more tired than her usual self. Any ideas?
  2. welasharon

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    Jun 28, 2010
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    If they are eating sometimes the dry food can hang up a bit. Keep an eye on her and see if she doesn't stop.
  3. lynnc1120

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    Thank you Welasharon, I will watch for her.
  4. lynnc1120

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    Pip don't seem to be gagging anymore. It probably was, like you said, welasharon, that she had some food stuck... she is so food centered, I am not too surprised. Thanks for the reply!

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