Gaining pullet trust??


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Oct 8, 2021
I believe my pullet is gaining trust of me and I am not sure. She will come up to me now and eat from my hand, sometimes even follow me. And be much closer then she was before but its clear she is still afraid of me. Is what I am doing right to gain her trust? (not pick her up unless i have to, trying to feed her from my hand, show her the others are not afraid of me and will be near me.) (She is a Faverolle)


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Dec 11, 2009
Colorado Rockies
Yes, you're on the right track. Are you doing these bonding exercises where the others in the flock can't interfere? I have a dedicated chick enclosure where I bond with my chicks. This helps them concentrate on me and not be needing to be defensive when adult chickens want to crowd around.

I use meal worms. I sit in the enclosure and allow my chicks to climb on my legs and lap. I put a meal worm in each hand and close my fist. The chicks know there's a meal worm in there, and they climb into my lap and eagerly peck at my fist until I reveal the worm.

It's a great game, and they become ever more comfortable hopping into my lap. I use a verbal cue each time and when I need to handle the chicks, I utter the cue and there they are, making it easy to pick them up.

Over time, they become very calm and friendly.

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