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I had a feeling that my galvanized, 2 gal waterer was overflowing, so the other day I placed a large galvanized pan under it after I had it filled. The next morning when I went out, the large pan under the waterer was at the same level as the waterer.
I took a picture so you all can see what I'm talking about.

I did this because I'm planning on having my waterer in the hen house come winter, but I don't want it to leak or overflow in the hen house. I'm building the cookie tin heater and planning on it being under the waterer, but it for sure can't overflow.
So, is this normal, or what can I do about it?

BTW, the cement block is VERY level.
Thanks in advance,
If the seal is broken at the handle, or anywhere, water will overflow. I've used this type of waterer for years, and tey work if level and the seal unbroken. Check out the little sealer inside too, and return it to the store if it's new. mary
Thanks, that makes sense. Tomorrow when I go out, I'll grab the waterer and instead of filling the bottom, I'll turn the top (outside) upside down and fill it and see if it leaks somewhere. And of course it has to. I can't imagine a galvanized steel container that has been formed to this shape and not welded, brazed or sealed in some way not having a leak somewhere.
I'll post back on my results, but I would imagine the next one would be the same.
Maybe I'd be better off just sealing any seams or rivets with silicone.
I was planning on getting another one so I could just switch them out each morning.

So, on my double walled galvanized waterer, I filled the outer/cover upside down and no leaks. Then I filled the waterer itself while holding my finger over the seep hole and water came out of the seam towards the bottom, so I would imagine this would be enough to cause my problem.
I'll take it back, or maybe I'll just hammer the seam tight and see if that works.
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I returned it today, and got two more of them, but unlike mine and the other 3 in stock, these operated easily and didn't appear bent and the seam seemed formed tightly.
I'm hoping for the best. The mgr gave me a price break for my problems.
These were made in Canada.

Maybe the Canooks are getting back at us for something. :)

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