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    I have 2 galvanized waterers and they both leak to the point of spilling. I level well but it seems the rubber washers don't seal to the metal. Both have been kept inside all last year and I use plastic in the summer. The metal waterers sit on my heater for the winter. Last year they both worked but for 1 they were new with new washers. Any help with galvanized waterers or tricks of the trade. This is my biggest problem. This year I have installed a 55 gallon barrel inside the heated barn and plan on filling it with a garden hose then using a hand pump to fill the waterers. I don't have to carry buckets of water down an icy hill to the coop. All suggestions are needed. Thank you, John
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    Try cleaning them well and then lubricate the washers with Vaseline or Vegetable Oil to get a good seal

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