Game bird starter ( best/favorite brands)?

Angie Poo

6 Years
Jul 27, 2013
Parma, Idaho
I'm getting coturnix quail for eggs and meat and have done lots of reading. Now I'm down to what brand of feed to get.

I have to order feed no matter what since my local feed store only carries nutrena game bird feed pellets (24% protein) and I don't want to deal with the pellets.

My local feed store carries 2 main brands purina and nutrena but can get many other brands.

What brand do you feed? What have you found works best? Good or bad about different brands? Just looking for input before I make a decision.
I'm lookin for a complete feed. I was leaning towards feeding purina gamebird startena (30% protein) then switching them to purina gamebird layena (20% protein).

I keep hearing that quail (no age specified need above 25% protein feed). I happened to find this chart and it states other wise. I'm getting really confused with the information I find always contradicting others.
I don't mean to confuse you any more, but here is a good document from the Mississippi State Poultry Science Department.  This is what I feed to my quail.  My quail are 12+ weeks old, and I still give them this stuff.

Startena is what I used from start to finish.

Thanks so much guys. That helped clear up some of the confusion.

I have decided that I will start them on purina startena and then switch my layers over to layena.

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