Gander and Gooses - some silly


11 Years
Jan 22, 2009
Tufted cross lady geese and one spectacular speckled gander for sale!
Local pick up/delivery (Central Ohio) and cash only - $25 each or $40 for the speckled gander.

The big Embden in front is too mean to sell.. but the rest are looking for greener fields. We have a couple too many ganders for one yard so someone needs to find romance elsewhere. Lady geese are ready to set nests.

Mix of Toulouse (momma goose not shown) x Roman Tufted x Embden.

Also have a Roman Tufted (cross) and a Toulouse mated pair available to the right home.

See additional pix here:

PM or email for more info
Just wanted to say I LOVVVE you speckled geese, now thats what im looking for...something different. I rcon you need to move to SC and sell him to me.
I hate, hate, hate traveling. I went to the Rodeo finals in Oklahoma a few years ago with my neighbour. Nw im from the UK where 100 miles is a long way and in the USA 100 years is a long time..but anyway. Dont worry she said it will only take us 6 hours, Ill stop for you so you can get out and smoke. We are in a big truck hauling a HUGE horse trailer with 5 horses. We left SC at 3am. We got to Oklahoma at 1am. And we had to travel all the way back 10 days later. We left on Sunday 2am and got home Wednesday 3pm after a trailer that was traveling with us broke down and we waited for them, then we broke down and we sent them home. Never, Ever, Again. If it takes longer than 3 hours, I dont go no where.
Sooo, I LOVE your Goose, but you can keep him coz I know its gonna take longer than 3 hours

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