Gander with possible botulism?

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    Mar 11, 2014
    After letting my geese out onto their pasture this morning I noticed that the gander was acting dizzy and having a lot of trouble walking - like a drunk sailor on high seas. Last night he was totally normal. He's falling backwards onto his rump (occasionally somersaulting all the way over), leaning steeply from side to side, ruffled feathers, more urates in feces, and having trouble getting his head down to eat grass when standing. Does this sound like botulism?

    He's eating things higher up or on the ground if he's laying down. He's drinking water fine. Still hissing and attempting to guard his goose when anyone comes over. Currently he and the goose are laying in the sun preening themselves.

    I moved them down into the garden which is lush with green grass and gave them a new water container with ACV in it. What else can I do besides keeping him fed and hydrated?

    Other info:
    They're fed an all-purpose poultry feed with free-choice oyster shell available (goose is currently laying) every evening and go out onto pasture during the day. We toss them scratch grain as a treat on occasion. Their feed is kept indoors and I can't detect any mold. All of the other poultry get the same feed and are normal. Drinking water is changed morning and evening. Pool is rinsed out and refilled every other day. The stall they sleep in at night is picked out daily; stripped and fresh bedding added weekly.

    He has no visible injuries to the leg, no swelling, all joints working normally, and no bumblefoot.

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