Gape worm?

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    Need some Cochin has been stretching her neck and opening her mouth and shaking her head fairly constantly. She has been doing this for a few weeks now...I thought maybe gape worm so I gave her some Safeguard (equine dewormer paste) then about a week later she was gasping pretty bad so I gave her some more (about pea sized) she seemed better? Still eating and drinking and affectionate...but she Still shakes her head and gapes her mouth and today she has a very dirty backside from runny poop.

    She just doesn't seem all well to me...
    Any suggestions?

    Shall I give her another dose of Safeguard? All my chickens were also wormed with wazine in sept/oct...
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    Quote:You are dealing with a respiratory issue. Dose her with tylan 50 injectable orally, 1/2cc for 5 days. You should see improvement by the 4th day.
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    Thanks for the reply..I read another older thread you commented on also about tylan. I will go and try and find some...but my girl does not seem to be any different acting? Not lethargic but she does seem to have loss some weight I think...I will get some and give it to her orally as I can't do a needle.


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