Gapeworm causing eye problems ???

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    Is it possible that Gape worm can cause bubbly eyes? I know that typically bubbly eyes are associated with some type of respiratory problem. However, roughly a week ago, I noticed a few small bubbles in the corner of both my chicks eyes so of course I immediately separated her, put some triple antibiotic ointment on her eyes and started her on Duramycin. The next morning there were no signs at all of anything funny going on with her eyes. However, she began shaking her head quite often and is doing the "neck stretching" thing that is common with gape worm. I'm just wondering if she had the bubbles in her eyes because of respiratory stress from gape worm?? She is eating and drinking well and I've kept a close eye on her poop. It's so strange because other than the very first time I noticed it she has acting pretty normal. I had something very similar happen last spring and could never figure it out. Chick is a 2 month old Silkie and she has not yet been wormed. Also forgot, she did have 1 day where her poop was kind of like melted chocolate but other than that it has looked normal. Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Being that gapeworm is actually not all that common and especially since your chick is only a couple months old I'd suspect some kind of respiratory bug rather then gapeworm. When they have a respiratory disease they will often shake their heads in an effort to clear the crud out of their noses and throats. I would continue with the antibiotic's for whatever the recommended length of time is for Duramycin.

    If you have older birds you may have carriers in your flock of some kind of respiratory disease which would explain how this young chick came down with something.
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    Well that's what I was guessing but I just found it odd that the symptoms would disappear so quickly. I have a decent general knowledge of most of the diseases, however I don't have alot of actual personal experience so that's why I was asking. The symptoms for most of them can be so random that its very difficult to asses sometimes. I've ordered some Denagard that should be here by Monday and I know that will take care of pretty much any respiratory issue . Thanks for the help [​IMG]

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