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    I am going to purchase the Garden Coop plans because they are JUST what I need for my coop (6 hens, one is a bantam) but we're looking to modify the plastic/pergola roof. I like that the corrugated plastic on the top of the pergola-style roof over the Garden Coop keeps the coop and run safe and dry from the weather, and living in a Chicago suburb means that we need strong protection from the cold weather and snow. However, I'm not a fan of the look of the plastic sheet on the top, and I want to be able to grow things on the pergola without having a sheet blocking the plants. I'm having trouble figuring out how to put the plastic sheet below the pergola. Anyone have ideas or have the Garden coop and have chosen a different method of waterproofing/weatherproofing?
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    If you put 'garden coop' in the search box, there's quite a few posts that pop up that may be helpful to you!
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    The corrugated roofing as designed protects the wooden framing structure of the 'pergola'.
    It will also make it much easier to remove any snow load from the roof.

    I would advise against growing plants on a structure meant to house chickens(or anything else),
    as it can cause serious structural damage in the long run(some plants more quickly than others.

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