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    Just curious how many of you are gardening in your run area? When looking through various coop designs I noticed several with gardens in area's the chickens have direct access to. Do the chickens not peck at the seedlings and plants? I'm asking because I planted a few giant sunflowers in the run, then covered them with wire to keep rabbits from getting the seedlings while we were still building, but as soon as the plants reached the wire level the chickens started pecking at the leaves. I can't imagine what damage they'd do on the other side of the fence where my garden is. How is it working out for so many, lol I can't even protect one measly row of seedlings...
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    Jun 1, 2011
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    Well mine just wont go near! They prefer grass, although they like bathing in wood chippings! Like most animals (including us), they tend to prefer things they cannot have and is out of reach. Try placing something which smells, they dont like those, even things sweet like lavender! Open it up for them! [​IMG]
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    I tried leaving my garden open to the chickens, they ate everything! Pecked holes in the tomatoes, ate the lettuce, spinach, and broccoli- the only thing they left alone was the squash. We fenced it in this year- now the girls can free range without eating all my veggies [​IMG]
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    Not to great with chickes, if they don't peck it, they will scratch it up. But they really mix up a compost pile
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    I keep my girls out of my veggie garden because, if they don't eat the plants, they try to dust bathe in the soil. Throughout my other gardens, I place big pots of soil for their dust baths.
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    Try a raised bed with hardware cloth over it so the plants can grow up through the cloth and the chickens can stand on the cloth and only eat what grows up. They will not be able to get at the base of the plant killing it. Its a chicken salad bar! Check this out, how inspiring:
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    Quote:I had the same thing happen they ate on most everything and dug plants up too. No more garden for them. Now the birds are fenced in and I take them out goodies from the gardens. Also I had some predator kill a couple of my birds, so now they have their own fenced yards.
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