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    Jul 27, 2011
    Okay, surveying those with experience on having a chicken garden. My chickens have a daytime run, separate from the garden, that is completely enclosed. I just got a deal on about 130ft of green vinyl coated 4' chain-link fencing. Also have access to around 150-200 8x8x16 concrete blocks as well as several 4" cap blocks. Here is my plan. Fence off a 40x25 spot at the end of my hoop run. Using the blocks, build raised planters that sit about 20" high. Put my veggies in them. I actually have a small 3' high welded fence doing a smaller concept, just no raised planters. The chickens are turned out a few times a week into this garden, where they happily scratch around in the grass and debug the vicinity (I have wire around most of the plants) and it works decently. I have lost a few tomatoes, but am covered up in tomatoes I have harvested. I will build framed enclosures for the beds and cover in wire to minimize losses. I will probably overseed the grass heavily with clover. The birds will also have their own bed of lettuce, greens, sunflowers, etc.
    So. What do you guys and girls think? Anyone done something similar? Pictures of your garden would be helpful. Any plants that are fatal that I need to avoid? (Basic garden veggies, a few herbs, etc are all I intend on planting. A few flowers such as marigolds, sunflowers, and mums will be placed in with the crops)
    Here is an idea of what I am going to do.

    Thanks everyone.

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