gash in toe - scab torn on beak : Thanks BYC bloggers for the advice!

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    Jun 20, 2011
    so last night the pop door came swinging down on my little 7 1/2 week old BR chick. I didn't notice she was injured until one of her sisters started pecking at a spot of blood on the ramp. I quickly grabbed the injured girl and carried her inside for a closer examination.

    Was not as bad as I originally thought. She had a gash on her "knuckle" and on the top of her beak (where flesh meets beak).

    I cleaned the wound with warm water and a dash of peroxide, put a nice sized dab of neosporin (non-medicated) on and attemped to wrap some gauze one handed. Was not working so well with a figity chick when I remembered some advice I read on BYC. I grabbed a cloth and placed it over the chicks head then tipped her on her side, she instantly relaxed. I was then able to use both hands to wrap the gauze and tape!

    I took the risk of putting her back in with her sisters, but I figured it was night and they wouldn't be moving (or pecking) around to much anyway. This morning she is running around and the wound has scabbed over nicely!

    Just wanted to give a big THANK YOU to all of you who post your stories and give such great advice! It really does come in handy when us newbies have a chicken injury, no matter the size!

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