Gash wound

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Apr 25, 2020
So ... one of my Polish hens was in my neighbors backyard, so after I caught her, I happened to lift her up and look at her, and thankfully I did, because she has a huge gash under her head. It is not bleeding or weeping any fluids, and honestly looks really clean. I’ve put her in a dog crate to give it some more time to heal. She’s eating and drinking (yay!!). But I am still curious if a rooster could cause this type of wound? I thought it was from a wire, which there are too many opportunities that could occur around the farm, but should I be worried o e if my roosters could cause this kind of injury?

thanks in advance!

I hope you washed the wound, flushing it well. Just because you didn't see dirt in it doesn't mean there isn't bacteria. If she came into contact with rusty metal, iron binds with bacteria and provides a ripe opportunity for bacteria to thrive.

Vetericyn wound spray is a marvelous antiseptic. It is easy to use and promotes tissue growth. Spraying the wound two or three times a day will heal it quickly. Until it closes, you should probably flush it out once a day with warm soapy water to wash away accumulated bacteria. Chicken World is Bacteria World.

It's doubtful a rooster did that, but in pushing her to the ground to mate, there could have been a sharp piece of rusty metal there that made the wound.

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