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8 Years
Aug 8, 2011
so... my new kitten (the one that had rice krispy skin) is doing really well now - he's acting like a kitten, settled in with my other cats in record time, and beginning to look like a 3/4 grown cat. he's learning the house rules - stay off the keyboard, don't climb the guests like they were trees, all dinner begging has to be done from the floor, no cat wrassing on the bed while I'm sleeping...

just one problem

when you pick him up, pet him, wrassle him, touch him, think about touching him, look at him... he passes the most amazingly awful stinky gas...

anyone got a solution for gassy cats?

he's eating the same kibble as the other cats (Iams or Authority) in the rice and lamb version, and fresh milk from time to time, and they don't have this problem...

please someone save me!

seriously, I've had gassy dogs, but never a gassy cat...

anyone have a gas mask for sale?
Worms?/ Digestive issues, forti flora made by Purina, may help it is added to food

I keep it on hand for dogs and cats, when my dogs eat something that will cause stomach upset, like runs or vomiting , I add it to their food, and also when a cat becomes ill, I add kitty
forti flora to their food.

It can be purchased at the vet's or on line,

I also use it for one dog that has colitis.
Could be the milk, cats I think cannot digest cow's milk,

Cats also do not need milk, just water.

Digestive enzymes may also help
kitty will be going in to get fixed here shortly so we'll get worm checked at the same time...
I'll look for the fortiflora.
we give a little milk once a week, it's mostly a training treat right now for coming when called, but the gas is *always* there. maybe I'll see if we can get training done with something else and see if it helps.
I would definitely take a fresh stool sample with you to the vet and get him checked for worms. Some cats digest food differently and there may be something in the food that causes him to get gassy that the other cats don't react to. But the first thing I think of whenever someone complains about gassy cats or overly stinky poo is coccidia, followed directly by giardia (which is actually a much bigger deal because it can be passed not only to your other cats but also to humans as well). Especially if this kitty spent any amount of time living outdoors before he came into your house. Cats, particularly kittens, with coccidia or giardia usually have diarrhea or at least loose stools, but I've seen both in perfectly normal looking stool samples. Unfortunately, if it is parasites you are going to have to treat all of your cats or you'll just be dealing with the same thing all over again in a few weeks.

Offering a probiotic such as fortiflora (or even a small amount of plain yogurt) and cutting out the milk might help. But you really really really need to get a fecal sample in ASAP.
coccidia and giardia, mmm.
well I've had giardia, it's not really that much fun.

everyone's going in to get fixed next week (kitty, 2 male barn cats, one LGD pup and one border collie pup) so I'l make sure we get fresh fecals all around. and yeah, when we have to treat any of the kitties for worms, we generally treat them all. they're just entirely too willing to share.

kitty (still haven't settled on a name yet, although "Pest" seems to be moving to the top of the list) was a stray, so there's no telling where he's been.
long black fur... short little legs... long fluffy tail... nope, no stripe.

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