Gavage vs slow crop how to decide?


Apr 25, 2019
Medicine being science and art, what sort of parameters do you consider to decide pushing the necessary feeding volume to gain weight (when critical) but the crop is slow to empty?

I am 4 weeks in to support care of a 4 month young Langshan. Very long story but started out with either eye injury, respiratory virus moving into eye, and/or ocular mareks. Respiratory health has been restored, but weight loss and lethargy and sight in eye are still issues.

At this point i have a bird weighing 2lb who should weigh 3. Energy level is increasing, weight is stagnant.

I have held back increasing volume, attempting to treat what i thought was sour crop after start/ initial days of kaytee via gavage. I kept weight stable for a week, but she started losing and fecals turned bright green. I decided to push the volume up despite/ while treating sour crop (managing 45 ml 3x day of 15ml electrolyte and 30 ml condensed chicken soup+little coconut oil). The crop is never completely emptied, doesn't really smell bad, can hear some gurgles when massage it, regurgitates little bit (not seeing anything but she clicks beak and swallows as if eating) when I massage and hear gurgles.

I'm in the daily decision watch/ decide cycle and constantly feeling guilt about not feeding often enough vs feeding into a never empty gurgly crop. I continue to add little bit if coconut oil and finishing off a miconezole regiment.

Thoughts on decision making in this scenario.... the slow crop vs. critical need to put weight on?

Yes, i understand systems could be shutting down if it's marecks. Im not ready to give up.

I appreciate information and experience. I have spent hours and hours reading, local vet was utterly useless, and i have 40+ other birds to get through 2 more days of 101-105 record temps. Sigh.

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