Geese being agressive torwards people???

pullet 123

7 Years
Oct 20, 2012
I have a pair of African geese and when ever i walk to close to them they try to attack me. Also, they like to bully my chickens and ducks. Why are they so agressive?
. Geese are bossy by nature especially African and Chinese geese.
Yes they are! I've had African/Emden crosses and they were good watch dogs but I'm scared to death of them.

RUN for your life LOL! I get scared every time I enter the zoo barnyard.
Geese have a sort of "cocky" attitude. We breed and raise geese, and they seem to all have the same attitude. The females seem to be more calm(like every other species of animals). We raise all of our animals with lots and lots of attention and some people believe that since you are giving them so much attention, they believe you are a part of the flock and they are challenging your place in the pecking order. Opinions, really. There isn't any facts. Make sure you make it clear to them that your the "rooster of the farm"
Hope that helps!
Weird, my embden gander is quite mellow. He doesn't have any other geese to gaggle with, but he has a herd of four ducks that he is usually with. He will honk at me in the yard, and he isn't tame, but he doesn't actively come after me. He just stays wary and stars. He'd probably get a light boot punt if he tried to attack.

He also leaves the chickens alone completely. The ducks are the most pushy of the barnyard, though will pinch the chickens to get them out of the way when it comes to the feeder. But he is very close to a small group of chickens who he was brooded with, so maybe he views them as part of his flock rather than competition.
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