Geese changing Mates....50+eggs OH MY!


9 Years
May 15, 2010
We have had geese for 3 years. Last fall I sold off all but 2 breeding original pair(2 yrs olds) and 1 pair(1 yr) that we hatched. All was well - eggs started being laid in January - then they switched mates! Talk about some drama! I marked the eggs and took some for us to eat/share. Waited for my February hatching....nothing happened. Well - it is May - the geese have been laying non-stop since January. I gave up marking the eggs - threw out the January/February eggs. The geese have 2 nests - there about 50 eggs in there - no joke. These are free range mixed breed geese with a closed coop for their nest/night. I think the eggs must all be infertile. Last year's batch hatched the last week of May so I thought I would wait until then and then get rid of all the eggs. I thought geese mated for life. I am at a loss....would welcome some suggestions/advice please.

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