Geese taking over Chicken Coop


Sep 15, 2021
My 2 Female Chinese Brown Geese have taken to the Chicken Coop. One in in a nesting box and the other on the coop floor. The chickens won’t go in to lay their eggs now. The chickens are afraid of the geese . Should I remove the geese? If I do they will just go back in. We really want out eggs
Sounds as if you will have to pen the geese away from the chicken coop. Nesting geese are very protective.
They went off on me. Hissing trying to bite me. I cleaned the coop so they would leave, then I closed the small coop door so they couldn’t get back in. I opened the large coop door (while I cleaned it out) and left it open. The geese need the ramp but the chickens don’t . Hopefully this will discourage them from even trying to get in

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