Geese Vs Ducks


10 Years
Jul 1, 2009
Ok Geese People, I am getting my first 3 geese this spring ( Metzer Toulouses). I have lots of ducks, but have never had geese. Is taking care of geese very different than ducks? If so what are the differences?
I have never had ducks but I believe that they are about the same in comparison!

I also wouldn't know any of the other questions about ducks/geese comparison!
They need much more room!
They love to graze on grass.
Think of them as little goats.
They will nibble and ruin stuff and need to be kept away from anything you
don't want shredded.
They might bully ducks or chickens if in close quarters with them.
Personality wise geese are like dogs whereas ducks are more like cats.
With the proper set up they are immensely enjoyable.
I have information on raising geese on my website.
Best wishes!
Thanks to both of you!! The link was awesome! I have plenty of grazing room ( 266 acres if they want, but the ducks usually stay on the 2 acres around the house lol), adequate housing and baby pools galore for them to play in. I'm so ready! It's Metzers French toulouse for me in the spring! Yay! I'm so excited!
Thank you for the great information, I have had ducks and geese for over 6 years would have liked to have seen that information back then. Really great for beginners.
i have both - geese are a breeze! they are better parents, are easy keepers, tend to want to go in at nite (unlike our nightly "wild duck chase"), are easier to feed (like grass more than anything), you can find them easier (from all the honking and such), and they will scare the UPS guy so he wont come out of his truck.


my gander is a demon. we love/hate each other.

good luck!
Tis oh so true....

Mine were just enjoying some delicious cardboard boxes the other day. lol

They will literally chew up wood. At times I've wondered if they are feathered beavers.
Yup they're kind of like neurotic goats...but if they have grass to munch on and boundaries to keep them away from what you don't want chewed on they are most delightful creatures!

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