Gem's been FOUND!!!!!


11 Years
Jun 30, 2008
My girls were let out to freerange today at about 2:30. We check on our hens every 30 minutes.

I went out to check on the girls, and put them to bed - it was dusk. Mom and dad had just come inside about 10 minutes ago, after being out in the backyard with the girls for a long period. All the chickens were still out.

I go down to the house, and I can only find 7 girls - even the new girls were in the coop, on roost. I check every side of the yard around our house - still missing 4 girls. By this point, I'm starting to panic. I run inside, tell mom and dad that 4 girls are gone. Dad comes out, and we search - only to find 2 of the hens in the gully in our backyard, trapped on top of a slide-in, caused by a fallen tree, were brambles/bushes had grown over it - about 60 feet from the coop. It took a good hour to convince those girls to fly up to the yard. Looking around, we find Tau'i - our alpha hen - behind the wood pile right next to the coop.

These are strange things. The girls NEVER go into that gully/woods, except around the henhouse - and Tau'i, being a good lead hen, waits for everyone to go to bed, but is out in the yard.

Moms cat, however, likes to chase my chickens. I'm in good mind to beat him right now - as I think he's the one who's done this. Does anyone have any advice? I've told her before he was going to cause trouble - and now, I've told her he is never allowed outside when the chickens are ranging again. Period.

We couldn't find Gem. She is a sweet, quiet bird - very heavy for her size - and she NEVER strays too far from the coop. Dad searched everywere in the gully/woods for her - and didn't find her. Not in the trees, either. No feathers, no blood, no nothing. I checked everywere she usually goes - and no Gem.

I'm so scared for her. There is a fox down there - dad says it's an extremely old female, too old (he thinks) to bear young. Cyotes run amuck on the other side of the road, and probably down behind the house. I don't know about coons, and I know there are feral cats around - but I doubt they come very near for our two cats are outdoor, too. There is a foxhound around, but our dog muffin has chased her off, and is viscious about feral dogs - so I doubt she came through.

I'm going to get up early and check for her, as well as periodically tonight. I just hope so badly she's still alive, and can make it throughout the night.
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So sorry to hear that. Keep us posted!
I am so sorry...I really hope you find Gem in the morning. I will be sending prayers and good thoughts your way.
Perhaps she's gone broody on you and is sitting on a hidden nest. The little boogers sure can be hard to find when they want to be.
Thanks so much for all you guys' support. It really does mean alot to me.

She was the first EE I ever raised - and gave me my first green egg. She's taught me so much. I just hope she doesn't have to teach me a lesson about loss.
Maybe. She's never been broody before, but anything is possible. I just hope she didn't decide to go broody down in the woods, if she has!

Still no sign of gem. I'm going to go out and look around the woods again, and I'm hoping I'll find her in a tree, or hear her walking through the leaves.

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