Gender guess and does it look like a BCM? I was told it was


8 Years
Apr 30, 2011

A few weeks ago I posted a pic of my BCM chicks. This is the only one everyone said watch, possibly a roo. What do you think now?
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It is hard to say for certain on the breed given the angle of the photo. It could be a BCM that is partridge (which I believe is a DQ) but to me the head shape looks "off" from what I'd expect from that breed. Several other breeds or mixes are more likely, thought. A shot of the body would help.

How old is this bird? My initial impression is it's a pullet.

What color are this birds legs? Are they feathered?

ETA: Just read your original post about sexing your BCM's. If you bought these chicks from a reputable breeder then this bird looks to be partridge--if she has the genetics she will still lay gorgeous dark eggs and is perfect for a breakfast pen, but not a breeding pen. If you got them from someone who wasnt a reputable breeder I'd say there is a very high likelihood that a few roosters jumped in the pen
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