Gender help! Wyandotte mixed breeds


6 Years
Jul 15, 2013
Reno County, Kansas
I have 11 chicks and I know for sure there are 3 roosters so far.

This white one is the one I wondering about. They will be 4 weeks old on Friday-Saturday. The legs dont look at thick as the other confirmed roosters...The dads from the farm we got the eggs from are wyandottes and buff orp. I dont see any waddle yet, but the comb (not sure what they this is) has a bit of color to it

I am also watching the one in the middle with the color of the comb.
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So i posted the ones I think where roosters on another page and they don't agree on the last one.

I am posting more photos of him, can anyone share what they think? They are wyandotte mixes and are 4 weeks old.

The chick on the left

I have an eleven week old SLW, & her comb isn't that red yet, but they can fool you. I had a red sex link that turned site with red on wings, THEN turned red again, so you just have to wait sometimes!

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