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I have 2-12 week old Rhode Island Reds. My White Wyandotte and Black Australorp roosters of the same age are already very easy to distinguish. One of the RIRs is becoming aggressive...comes and starts pecking me when I go in to feed them. However, other than the tail feathers being a little longer than my presumed pullet, I cannot see any difference in the two. The combs on the two look the same to me. So, what do you all say? I'm hoping they are both hens...I already have the two gorgeous roosters for sure and only 14 chickens total.

Also, what do you think is the gender of the Silver Spangled Hamburg in the last photo? He/she is 12 weeks also.

Thanks for your help :)

Arggh! Sorry, I thought the descriptions I put with the photos would show up with the photos. The top two pics are the same chicken, different angles. That is the one I am wondering whether is a roo. The 3rd photo is the second RIR. Last photo is both together, plus the Silver Spangled Hamburg, along with my Black Australorp roo and hen.
Thanks I kind of thought there should have been more difference by now if one was a rooster. I prefer two pullets. I will probably already have to make a choice between the black and white roosters. They are both gorgeous and friendly so it won't be easy to get rid of one. :)
If you are saying yo have silver spangled hamburg rooster then I would not keep them. Mine was a hatchery bird and he was the meanest rooster I had. I will admit he was pretty. And now that you added that info about the pics I have to day I too think they are pullets

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