gender of polish and bantam cochin


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Feb 23, 2010
Central Washington
These gals (fingers crossed) are 7 1/2 weeks old. I'm pretty sure the polish is a girl
because of the more rounded feathers on the crest, but I've noticed the really red wattles coming in this last week or so.


And the bantam cochin. I'm really not sure on. I already have to lf cochin hens, but I just can't tell if she's just pinking up/turning red because she's getting older or if it's roo qualities


And one more photo just for kicks. My 2 year old thought we were having a regular old fashion shoot with the chickens and wanted to hold each one and have a picture taken
This is her holding Lemon Drop, our 7 1/2 week old gold sex link, doesn't Lemon Drop look thrilled?

Could the Cochin be older then 7 1/2 weeks? That's an awfully red face for that young. The comb is small, which makes me think pullet. The redness says roo..... Yikes! Maybe it's a pullet that developed early? I don't know, I think you will have to wait for an egg or crow. I don't know about the polish. My daughter wanted one, but the farm store didn't have any at the times I was there.
Your Polish is a Rooster. The cochin is a pullet. My polish looked just like that had rounded feathers to but once he started molting he got the spikey feathers in yours has lots of red and wattles comin in. See

8 Weeks

11 weeks this is right before he started molting.
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Polish is a Roo

The Cochin is a Pullet

The Cochin is turning red, but it has small comb and wattles, and Pullets will get red. By 5 weeks my Cochin Roo had a BIG red it is Pullet
I'm not even going to try the Polish because their gender ways are sneaky and ninja-like

The cochin however, is totally a pullet. White cochins tend to be very pink in the face. By 7 and 1/2 weeks, if you had a cochin roo, he'd be all wobbly-faced from a massive bright red comb. I have a 5 week old cochin that looks top-heavy right now because he put all his growing into a big manly comb. Poor guy needs to focus more on covering his poor naked spots IMO. *sigh at roo feathering*

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