Gender of Silkie/EE mix?


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Jul 24, 2013
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I let my broody Silkie hatch a couple of eggs from an EE hen and Silkie rooster. They are 3 mos. old. I was pretty sure they were both cockerels and was going to rehome them, but an acquaintance who used to raise chickens told me that the solid grey is a pullet. Is he correct?
I'm not that adapt at sexing Silkies, but just from the stance and feathering I would say your friend is right. The solid colored one just carries itself like a pullet, and the other is definitely giving you a rooster stink eye!
Another thing that had me thinking the gray was male: they play fight a lot since they were 3 weeks old. They like to lower their heads, stare each other down for a while, then jump at each other several times. Do females fight like that? When my EEs were pullets, they occasionally bumped chests, but that was all.
Can you get comb shots of each bird? The grey's not screaming rooster like the multi-colored bird, but it's hard to say pullet for sure from those pics.
I think rooster, you can see saddle feathers.
sorry to impede, but I have a chick of almost the same cross, I thought it was a he, then I checked saddles and they are round. Now he has a ridge of red where wattles would grow, so I am back to he.

has a rather big comb. Is there a soley male gene to black chickens!? We have only ever had 1 black chick that was female

father was also a silkie, mother a lavendar ameraucana
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Thank you for your answers! I found new homes for the guys and the farmer who took them is pretty sure the solid gray is a cockerel too.

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