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  1. Can you tell if a chick is a roo by it's behavior?

    My little Lola is a cocky little bugger. S/he is a big bully and an escape artist! S/he keeps getting out of the brooder box and making us chase him/er all over the place. S/he will peck your hand to death when coming near. I handle the chicks EVERYDAY but this one prefers to want to attack us.

    Could this Lola be a roo not a pullet?
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    Can you judge by behavior - maybe. But I have had some very sweet and cuddly boy-roos and some fiesty girls. I think alot of it has to do with the temperment of the breed. But even that is not a sure thing. I have read about sweet EE's on BYC but my experience with them has been very different; girls were skittish and boys were down right aggressive.

    So could your Lola be a roo? Sure but don't just take personality/temperment into account. More likely the physical traits will be more accurate and that also can be breed specific. Some have big combs and wattles and others almost none. Some develope early and some just before maturity.

    It's kind of like a mystery that you have to look at everything as a whole and then in the end there are some that you were sure were a roo/pullet and they surprised you by laying an egg/crowing.

    Good LucK!

    If it's possible, post pictures and I am certain more folks will weigh in.
  3. Tried to get pictures of Lola but s/he is WAY WAY too aggressive/hyperactive. S/he will not stay still long enought to take a 1 sec picture.
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    You may have better luck trying it at night when it is darker and they are calm for bed.

    Did you mention what breed she is?

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