General Peek must leave.


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10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
I love my Roo, General Peck, but my wife doesent. He wakes my wife every morning at 6AM. So... General Peck must leave, and soon, or I will have to leave with him.LOL

Are there any tricks to get roos to be quite. Maybe turning the lights on in the hen house. Or maybe playing the radio in the hen house. Any ideas Im sure General Peck would appreciate.
We never hear our roo in the morning. I run a fan in the bedroom. Works great. I also don't hear the neighbors dogs that bark all night either.
This is exactly what I do too and have never heard any of my roosters in the morning! Lenny starts at 5 a.m. every morning (I know this because I have to get up with the dog) with his shrill bantam crow and the others start about 6 a.m. I have never heard them crowing, not one time. Try the fan! It does work.
My roo greets me at I leave to work every morning botu 5:50 or so. Doesnt wake up my girls whos room is right next to the chicken coop.
Yeah...when I visit my mother (who has about a bazillion dogs), I always sleep in the room with the air cleaner machine thingy (lol). I never hear the dogs barking. Just find some kind of device that creates background sound.

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