Generational breeding

The Farmers' Daughter

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Aug 2, 2017
Darwell Alberta
I'm just starting out. Right now I have a trio of chantecler and a small group of buckeyes.
So... I'm hatching right now.
Next year, which offspring can I breed with which parent? I.e. father cock over daughter hen or son cock over mother hen? Brothers and sisters?
What qualities are you looking for? I would wait till they grew up some so you could see what type of things like colors, feathers, and personalities that you like and breed accordingly.
Hey Marvin, @nicalandia
White hot question from the Sussex world. Some say LS can have grey in the underfluff. I say no. Must be white to the skin. Can youthinky of any reason how grey underfluff could happen in bird (LS) whose formula was eWh/eWh S/S Co/Co ???
Thanks, Karen

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