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    Nov 3, 2016
    I haven't noticed anyone talking about GMO feeds. Monsanto and the other chemical companies have paid supposed scientists to produce "research" that proves GMO foods are good. The fact is independent scientific research has proven beyond a shadow of doubt that GMO feeds damage anything that eats it. Research has shown that the nutrients in GMO crops are far less than in the same naturally grown crops. In addition to the fact that the nutrient quality is less in GMO crops, they are also heavily contaminated with pesticides. Those pesticides are harmful for the animals that consume them.

    As a consequence, the meat and eggs from GMO fed chickens are unfit for human consumption. No, eating them will not make you immediately show signs of sickness, but they are accumulative and do harm the human intestinal tract. The damage to the intestinal tract leads to a disease known as "Leaky Gut Syndrome". Leaky Gut Syndrome is one of the main culprits behind cancer, diabetes, weight gain, dementia, autoimmune disease and the list goes on and on. The sharp rise in the serious illnesses worldwide follows the same chart as the rise in GMO and other chemicals in our environment.

    For those reasons, I try not to use GMO feeds for my chickens. Unfortunately that is not easy. Lies by the chemical agencies have convinced feed stores there is nothing wrong with GMO so that is what most stores carry. I located a local store that claimed they sell non GMO grains and chicken feed. When I checked with the company making their feeds, they said they used locally grown grains in their feed but they could not say for certain that it was non-GMO. You can find non-GMO on the internet but it is much more expensive. One non GMO company that sells their products at a reasonable price said they are trying to develop an internet based way of selling their products, but it will be more than a year before all details are completed.

    I know there are a number of people who have the concerns I have. We expect to very soon have the ability to permanently get rid of all GMO in America. I am convinced thousands of Americans will soon be taking the necessary actions to accomplish this feat. GMO damages the earth on which it is grown and everything that consumes it. In the interim, chicken (and other farm animal) owners should demand the local feed agents provide non GMO at a reasonable price.
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    Please provide proof (via links to legitimate, peer-reviewed research) to support your claims.

    I'm all for consumer choice. However, I take strong exception to fear mongering and misinformation as a marketing strategy.
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    x2!! This has been beaten to death here many times, and there's no reason to get yet another angry thread going! Mary
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    I apologize for starting anything that makes one angry. I will provide peer reviewed documentation but will need to go back into my earlier studies, so it will be a little while before I can provide the contacts. I have nothing to market. I want to maintain my health and the health of my loved ones and that is the reason I have a flock of chickens. My wife refused to listen to me years ago and is now suffering from late stage Alzheimer's while I am healthy. I am succeeding in keeping her physically healthy but her mind is in another world.

    When I was 58 (now 79) my health failed and one of the members of the church I served introduced me to the natural health world. The doctors were unable to help me and I suffered under their guidance for many months before the lady took pity on me. I started following her advice and within 3 months had overcome all my diseases. I was an eager student of what had saved my life and that is why I know what I know.

    You can start getting your GMO information by visiting, but there are many more. The Health Ranger has a very modern laboratory and has thoroughly researched GMO crops and the Roundup ingredients. But I'll go back and find the peer reviewed research as soon as I can for you.

    Ask any farmer who grows GMO crops if the crops are sprayed with Roundup (or glyphosate) immediately before harvest and you will be told it is needed to quickly bring the grains to be evenly ripened and produce a larger harvest. That poison remains on the grains we feed ourselves and our livestock or pets. Just trace amounts of glyphosate disrupts your intestinal tract, allowing undigested food to pass through your gut and into your blood stream which starts autoimmune reactions.

    You should watch the documentaries Betrayal: The Autoimmune Disease Solution They're Not Telling You.?, and And there are others I can refer you to. Since they have already been shown for free, they are now available for purchase and are well worth it. Each series are interviews of up to 30 medical professionals and researchers.

    As far as growing GMO destroying the soil microbes necessary to grow healthy crops, you can look it up for yourself. However, please explain to me why the farmers in India which were growing GMO are committing suicide in huge numbers because they can no longer grow enough crops to pay off their farming related debts. If things continue as they are now, it will not be many years before our farm lands will be unable to grow enough food to feed us or our pets - chickens, etc.

    Those are the reasons some of my associates who expects to acquire the ability to persuade farmers to quit growing GMO will steps to accomplish our goal as soon as possible. We care about our health, the health of animals and the health of our soil. I'm sure a few farmers who are as blinded as the average person by the lies they have been fed will resist our efforts and continue growing GMO for people who really want it. But instead of good, healthy, natural food being more expensive, the GMO will be the more expensive feeds. But feed your GMO eggs and meat to your family, not mine or your neighbor.

    I am not fear mongering and the information I give is certainly not misinformation. Misinformation is what you have been fed by mass media and big businesses. You have been convinced by them and that is why you are unwilling to take the time to do real research. If any of the research you read is paid for by big business, you can bet your bottom dollar it is misinformation. Many scientists are for sale.

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